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Terms and Conditions mailing device

  1. If warranty case arises the shipment is paid by a central service center
  2. If not warranty case arises, the shipment is paid by the Customer
  3. If not warranty case arises, the cost of the service is negotiated in advance
  4. In case of violations of the operating conditions prescribed in the warranty card, the Customer may be withheld in warranty repairs except for cases where the damage arose because of the fault of a courier service (subject to careful packing device before sending)
  5. The Customer undertakes not to send items prohibited by the legislation of the shipment.
  6. The Customer undertakes to send items packaged in accordance with the nature of the enclosure, the terms of transfer and the way duration, eliminating the risk of damage during handling and shipping, access to it without breaking the shell, damage of other items and causing any damage to postal workers.
  7. The service center undertakes to repair the device within two (2) weeks since the device appears at the service center.


  • The device must be securely packed and protected from various bumps. Pack the device in a protective packaging film or foam and in a box, suitable for the size of the device, for example, in their original box.
  • Service Center is not responsible for damage caused during the shipment.
  • Keep the IMEI and S/N of the device, a copy of the invoice before sending.
  • Send device with the battery, charger and filled warranty card, as well as detailed description of the defects.
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